+ Why Deep Patagonia?

Deep Patagonia



The untouched heart of Patagonia that harbours the remains of a millenarian and mysterious evolution of a magnificent creation.

South of the world where they say that everything ends, we know we can say that it all starts there, the adventure, a deep exploration, a journey through this remote place of indescribable beauty, where man in his encounter with nature, is amazed by the vast life that constantly surprises.

Here is where the essence takes on a special meaning, and what’s most important is to live the experience.

A place still unexplored, where it is difficult to reach and not many succeed.

The untouched heart of Patagonian that harbours the remains of a millenarian and mysterious evolution of a magnificent creation.

Nature in Deep Patagonia

"Never in my life has the act of walking been so mystical. The experience of breathing the purity of this place is unforgettable. Visiting the Glacier Circuit and the Settlers’ Route will always remain in my memory. How difficult it is to convey something that is so different from what one normally sees! Everything is alive, everything obliges one to disconnect. Time moves at an unknown speed. The soughing of the wind, the trees rustling against one another, the birds singing and the water flowing are all musicians in this environmental soundtrack. One is part of a living work of art, it is a privilege to be here. To share with huemuls, condors, quetrus and innumerable other elements of this paradise makes simplicity something infinite”. (A visitor’s testimony).

A Crazy Geography
The geography of Deep Patagonia allows us to look at many different scenes, all beautiful and each with a different flavour. On some occasions the unpredictable climate is capable of deceiving even the most expert meteorologists. These southern lands are characterised by their abundant vegetation, fast-flowing rivers with water the colour of turquoise, their deep ravines and majestic peaks crowned by eternal ice. The marshes and white oak woods, inhabited by a native fauna of animals and birds, are an important part of the landscape, plus the delight of coming across myrtle-berries and a great variety of beautiful Patagonian fungi. Their unspoiled lakes and lagoons are a paradise for those who love fishing.

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