+ Villa O´Higgins and The Great Glacier

Vacations at Villa O’Higgins and The Great Glacier



* Self guided program.

This program is packed with high emotions and unforgettable adventures. Villa O’Higgins is located at the southernmost point of Chile’s Austral Way, in the heart of Deep Patagonia. This is the starting point for expeditions to the Southern Patagonia Ice Field plateau.


We propose you this self-guided program with great and unforgettable emotions. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Phone. 56- 67- 243 19 09 Lodge / 56- 67- 243 18 11 Villa O'Higgins Agency.


Season: From October to April. Best October and December.

Duration: 4 days and 3 night.

Description: Villa O’Higgins is located at the southernmost point of Chile’s Austral Way, in the heart of Deep Patagonia. This is the starting point for expeditions to the Southern Patagonia Ice Field plateau.

Villa O’Higgins is home to attractive and pristine surroundings. It is a paradise for trekking and other activities which bring you close to nature. These southern lands feature abundant vegetation, fast-flowing rivers, ancient glaciers and majestic mountain peaks crowned by eternal ice formations. Lakes and lagoons in the vicinity are a paradise for sports fishing and its virgin forests are home to plentiful local wildlife.

On one day you can visit the surroundings of Villa O’Higgins, on another day you cab navigate across the lake to the base of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field plateau, and view the imposing Great Glacier (O’Higgins Glacier), one of the largest formations in the Southern Hemisphere, and an iconic point in our program. This will truly be an unforgettable experience. Amidst the unexplored Nature’s magnificence of Deep Patagonia you will reencounter the most profound roots of your being and experience a Return to Freedom.

Our lodge – inspired by the legend of the educated adventurer Robinson Crusoe and in the mystique surrounding his character – creates the atmosphere for you to contemplate the purest side of nature, and feel the force of the wind and rain while enjoying the warmth and comfort of home, in the company of a glass of fine Chilean wine. You can also relax in one of our Hot Tubs as you admire the starlit night sky.

Requirements: suitable for everyone.

Suggestion: Consider your lodging at “Lodge Robinson Crusoe Deep Patagonia” in Villa O’Higgins:

- 3 Night.
- Hot Tubs access.
- Port Bahamóndez bus service. (Departure place for our "L/M Quetru" boat).
- Laundry service for guest
- Gift shop
- Internet

In Villa O’Higgins there are other hostel alternatives you may consider.

Recommendations: If you do some hiking, takes juices and snacks for the road (you can usually get water from streams). Bring suitable protective clothing (see “Recommendaed clothig at FAQ).


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DAY 1:

Arrival to Villa O'Higgins in the afternoon. If you have made a reservation at the Lodge Robinson Crusoe Deep Patagonia, you will experience the warm welcome of its staff who will invite you to rest and relax. Dinner in a typical place, optionally a Hot Tubs in the Lodge (previous reservation required) and then a sleep enjoying the comfort of the rooms of this place.

DAYS 2 Y 3:

On one of these two days (according to the schedule of our well-equipped passenger vessel Quetru) you make the crowning trip of this tour, to the base of the South Patagonian Ice Field plateau. We navigate across the great Glacier Lake (O’Higgins Lake) towards the imposing Great Glacier (O’Higgins) with its two-mile long and 260 feet high wall of ice.

During the lake-crossing you can admire the beauty of this overwhelming scenery, the least explored of Patagonia, and the result of so many glacial transitions. Observing the impressive mountains of ancient ice formations, you can feel the force of invigorating cold wind that is common in this place. Despite these conditions, passengers climb to the upper deck of our vessel to watch in ecstasy and capture these scenes for ever in photographs Sudden weather changes are common even during 24 hours, ranging from burning sun to hard rains, typical of Deep Patagonia. This is an all-day excursion that permanently marks the sight and soul of those who come to witness the magnificence of nature and experience freedom in all of its dimensions.

On the way to the Great Glacier we pass by the small harbor of Candelaria Mancilla, a settlers’ hamlet where the road starts towards the Argentine border. From there a trekking path continues as far as the northern end of Desert Lake (Lago del Desierto). From there you can take a boat to the south shore and then a transfer to the town of El Chalten who face the Mount Fitz Roy . (If you have time we recommend you spend 3 days to go and return to El Chalten).

On the alternate day, you can do a range of half-day excursions in Villa O’Higgins and surroundings, to enable essential encounters with virgin nature: trekking to the vantage point over Stag Lake (Lago Ciervo), exploring Christie Lake (Lago Christie) near to Mayer Pass (Paso Mayer) on the Argentine border, a visit to the chapel built by missionary Father Antonio Ronchi in the woods. Various other activities are also available to tour the vicinity: in Villa O’Higgins visiting the Museum and the Civic Center, climb up to Valley and Mosco Glacier Viewpoint (Mirador del Valle), cycle rides and other adventures such as light fishing on nearby lakes.

DAY 4:

Departure day. If you head north on the Carretera Austral our recommendation is to leave early, in time to cross the Mitchell fjord on the ferry that makes this service and arriving for lunch to Caleta Tortel, picturesque town where everything runs through gateways. In the afternoon we suggest continuing to Puerto Río Tranquilo, stay there and continue the next day to the city of Coyhaique. Another alternative is to take a plane of Aerocord Airline to Coyhaique and from the nearby airport of Balmaceda begin your home return on a regular commercial flight (Aerocord aircraft can accommodate 9 passengers, so no there are always seats available and you must reserve in advance www.aerocord.cl, Phone. +56-67-224 63 00).


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SUGGESTION: Rent in advance a suitable vehicle at Balmaceda for the journey overland to Villa O’Higgins with Mitta rent a car (www.mitta.cl, Tel. +56-67-224 5780) to be taken in Balmaceda or Coyhaique (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Vehicles rented by Mitta have the option to be dropped (Drop-Off) or required (take-on) in Villa O'Higgins. Special rate applies.


Warning: Schedules and frequencies can be affected by adverse weather conditions or force majeure. Should confirm departure times 12 hours before at the local office of Robinson Crusoe in Villa O'Higgins, telephone 56 - 67-243 18 11 The Service does not consider reimbursement of any additional expenses due to suspended or delayed departures, which will be assumed by each passenger.


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